DCC Decoder Tester Pro 1595


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SKU: 1595 This device is designed to easily connect and test most DCC decoders prior to installation. Use the onboard lights, speaker, and motor to program and configure your decoder before you install the decoder in your locomotive. This board supports the following connections:

  • 8-Pin NMRA
  • NEM651
  • NeXT18
  • PluX22
  • Universal 21-Pin
  • TCS 21-Pin
  • Screw Terminals for Hardwire Connections

Pair with a DT-AUX board to add the following connections:

  • 9-Pin JST
  • 7-Pin JST
  • 6-Pin JST for FL2
  • 7-Pin JST for TCS WAUX (WOWSound Auxiliary Harness)

Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.4" or 11.4cm x 8.9mm x 3.6mm


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